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Mandisa S., Langston Oklahoma, Volkswagen Beetle

Jose V., Raleigh Nc, Mitsubishi Galant

Luchania T., Savannah GA, Kia Spectra

Kate S., Molalla OR, Pontiac Grand Prix

David C., Monroe NY, Honda Accord-EXL

David H., East Brunswick Nj, Acura Acura

Ioannis V., Montgomery AL, Ford Taurus

Kimberly M., Canal Winchester Ohio, Ford Mustang

James R., Rockport TX, Scion Xa

Robert T., Middleton ID, GMC Sonoma

Robyn V., East norwich Ny, Nissan Vehicle Model

Renee O., Humble Texas, Honda Civic

Fermina C., Hayword California, Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Model

Rachel C., Portland Texas, Ford Explorer

Ben K., Smyrna Georga, Acura Tl

Angel B., Tallahassee Florida, Dodge Neon

James T., Maple grove MN, Toyota Sienna

Demetrious O., Huntsville AL, Honda Accord

Dahlia B., Waldorf MD, BMW 323i

Anthony M T., Tempe Arizona, Chevrolet Prisim

Welcome to our Charity. We are a not-for-profit organization that helps children & families in need.

By donating to us, you help others and yourself. Our organization, American Relief Foundation, is dedicated to improving the well being of American children and families that are in need. We accomplish this by accepting donations of varying kinds (see below for our different programs), and distributing those resources directly to families, or providing services from funds generated from those resources. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity.

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Consider a Hassel-Free Donation to The American Relief Foundation Charity for Kids

How Does the American Relief Foundation Help Kids & Their Families?

Our charity services families with children in the United States that need a helping hand. We repair cars and help parents have reliable transportation to work. We help repair homes so the children have a safe and healthy environment to live in. We also have programs to assist with food, clothing and the bare necessities of life. Our services actually help parents provide for their families.

What Can You do for Them?

When you donate your unneeded cars, trucks and boats to our foundation, we are able to create jobs, the vehicles must be restored and repaired so they are safe for parents to drive. Having a reliable vehicle allows parents to get their kids to school and to find work. Reliable transportation makes an incredible difference in the lives of these families.

Some donated vehicles are fixed to be sold, such as boats, trailers and some trucks. They will provide funds for medication, health services, and immediate needs for families with emergency situations. Many people make comments when they see appeals on television for charitable help for overseas kids. They'll say things like "How about the kids in the USA, they need help too." That is exactly right, we need to help our own kids and there families too!

The American Relief Foundation has found a way to help the kids in America that want to achieve something in their lives someday too. Not only does the donation of a vehicle, of other donations as well, help the families in our country, people who donate to our foundation get a tax write-off which saves them money on their income taxes as well.

How to Contact The American Relief Foundation:

There is an American Relief Foundation in every state in the U.S., just select the area you need on our map page. Here are some ways to contact us:

If you know someone who is struggling and could use a vehicle to support their family. We personally delivery the car and meet the families.

There are many ways you can help, volunteer at one of our local centers, get our message to people who care and may have a car they do not need, donate your car, or go to our website and donate safely using this hassle free donate site, PayPal. We believe in the kids of America, with a little help from us, they will achieve wonderful things.